Replace Andrew Clyde Now

Five reasons why:

1. Andrew is not as Constitutionally Conservative as he claims.  Most Constitutional organizations rate his voting record and overall performance as a “B”.

2. Andrew does not live or work in the 9th district. His business and residence are in the 10th District.

3. Mostly, Andrew is a single issue politician. Guns, guns, guns, the issue that impacts himself and his business.  What about election integrity, illegal immigration, unconstitutional regulations, freedom of speech, school choice, & other legitimate concerns to the Constituents of the 9th District? Seriously, can anyone find any newsletter or any interview where Andrew shows any passion for election integrity? If so, we’d love to hear about it.  Please see The 2020 election and our beloved country was stolen. Our leaders must  lead on this foundational issue.

4. Where has he been for the last year and a half?

5. Lastly, Andrew is not a strong, proactive agent of change or a champion for “We the People.”  The 9th District Constituents need and deserve a BULLDOG who will fight, and has a history of fighting, for ALL of our Rights.