Bottom Line:  The difference between me and the other candidates – A month ago a case was accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the 2020 electoral college results (presidential election).  Due to my decades long history of submitting cases before the courts and the grand jury (some were very successful) and fighting for the citizens’ rights I have been invited to join that case.  The right to present before grand juries is guaranteed in both the U.S. and Georgia constitutions.  This is just one path I am pursuing to restore our rights as and fight against leftist tyranny and restore justice for our beloved country.  As far as I know, no other incumbent member of congress or congressional candidate in the entire country can make such a powerful statement. Please vote for me, volunteer, and donate to help me in this fight to win back our country!


There are several principal points and issues to my campaign:

1) to protect the lives of the unborn and infirmed;

2) to protect our military families, active duty and veterans;

3) to protect our growing elderly population from all forms of abuse;

4) to stop election fraud in all its forms and protect the sacred institution of the ballot box;

5) to institute policies that substantially reduce our national debt;

6) to cancel programs that have failed in their purpose, or impose an unwarranted financial burden, or that do violence to the Constitution;

7) use my office to empower and educate citizens on how to combat abuses of government;

8) and to always be my constituents advocate for justice.


Above all, the Restoration of the Citizens’ Constitutional Right to redress their grievances before the Grand Jury, without intervention by ANYONE or any government entity.  Case Law: In re Lester, 77 Ga. 143, 148 (1886), Justice Hall: “It is the right of any citizen or any individual of lawful age to come forward and prosecute for offenses against the state, ….”.  And from the Ga. Const., Art. I, § I, par II and states, “Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government …”  If you are now or ever become a member of a Grand Jury please contact me.

Education And Jobs

Education is vital because our children are our nation’s future. Trade schools and education beyond high school have become increasingly important in our high-technology economy. In 2018, 56% of new jobs required training beyond high school; it is projected that 70% of new jobs will require such training by the year 2027. Skill training for those without jobs will enable them to work without government handouts.

Voting Rights

Voting is an essential American freedom and election integrity is essential.  Every citizen should have easy access to secure voting.  Voter ID, signature matching, and accurate voter roles are a must to ensure the integrity of our elections.  If you have not yet seen the videos of voter mules stealing the 2020 election, please visit  That must never happen again!