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Bottom line – A case was recently accepted by the Supreme Court to throw out the 2020 electoral college (national election) results. Due to my decades long history of submitting grand jury cases (some were very successful) and fighting for citizens’ rights to present before grand juries that is guaranteed in both the Federal and Georgia state constitutions, I have been invited to join that case with additional evidence against the 2020 election.  That is one path I am pursuing to national victory against leftist tyranny and for justice for our whole beloved country.  As far as I know, no other incumbent member of congress or congressional candidate in the entire country can make such a powerful statement. Please vote for me, volunteer, and donate if you want to help me in this fight to win back our country.

Yes, I have a lifetime of conservative leadership and proactive political activism. I am a proven entrepreneur and executive leader with a strong portfolio of successes in the Profit, Not-for-Profit and Political arenas.

Accomplished in orchestrating business development, growth, and profitability in organizations from start-ups to established entities.

Diverse, applied knowledge of advanced business concepts coupled with a unique expertise in public affairs as an experienced political leader, counselor and spokesperson.

Community, Charitable, and Extra-Professional Activities

I am the son of two Georgia natives.  My father was from Sylvania and my mother was born at Nails Creek in Banks County.  After serving in WWII. my father became a Special Agent for the FBI and our family moved across the nation as Mr. Hoover saw fit. 

My father passed in 1970 after a brief struggle with Leukemia, leaving behind my mother and five children.  I was seven. 

I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia, in the 9th District and I have lived in the same home for 19 years. 

I started working as a mechanics helper at 12 to earn the money to go to scout camp and worked at the same shop through college.  After college I started working for a major law firm in Atlanta.  I am an Eagle Scout, former AAU/USS swimmer, and today I am a small business owner. 

I have been asked WHY do I want to be in Congress. 

The answer is very simple.  To advance my work in restoring our lost freedoms and the God given rights bestowed on behalf all citizens in our Constitution.  For the last 100 years there has been a relentless assault upon our individual liberties; whether taken by law or voluntarily surrendered, and once gone they are rarely recovered without considerable struggle.  It is not that our system of government has failed, it is that we have allowed unconstitutional, prohibited and undue hardship be placed upon it. 

I have spent over 20 years in this fight, and I have worked tirelessly on behalf of our active duty military, their families, our veterans, and for our Second Amendment Rights.  As well as, the Right to Life, and numerous other organizations. 

I did a radio program for almost 12 years advocating Constitutional governance and focused on the failure of both Republican and Democrat members of congress to achieve anything of substance. 

The show became the follow up show for two (2) hours to the Sean Hannity Weekend Update on Saturday and The Rush Limbaugh Show on Sunday on several stations.  My final year we had an Arbitron rating that reflected that the show had a 33% share of the market audience. 

And for the record, I personally covered the cost of the show when advertisers were pressured to quit sponsorships, I kept the message out there.  I gave away thousands of dollars a year of commercial advertising time to the Georgia Right to Life, National Right to Life, the NRA, and many other worthwhile conservative groups; as well as local organizations. 

I spent 8 years as Chairman of the Board of one of this country’s military families and veterans’ charities. 

In 2008-2009 for my efforts on behalf of the 2nd Amendment, I was awarded the Jay M. Littlefield Award by the NRA for being the number one legislative activist in America. 

Four years ago, I started the JGS Citizens Defense Fund and have been taking our fight to court on behalf of citizens. 

On December 3, 2020 I filed one of the first Dominion Machine challenges in America.  Myself and 44 other Patriots signed on.  Two of the others co-petitioners are now running for Congress as well. 

Also, I will also be answering your more of your questions live on Georgia Straight Talk starting this week.  Send your to questions to:  Issues@Howard2022.com

This is a small representation of my activities.  I have been fighting on behalf of the Citizens and the return to Constitutional governance for over 20 years.  My name is J. Gregory Howard.  I ask for your support and your vote. 

Thank you.

2021 – present    Georgia Moving Forward, Inc. / America Moving Forward, Inc.501(c)(4)

                                 Founding Board Member / Executive Director (Volunteer)

                                 Human rights organization dedicated to: Education, Community Development, Justice &Social Reform

2020 – present    National Association of Colleges and Employers ‘NACE’

                                Professional Member

2020 – present    Report Injustice GA

                                Contributing Editor and Moderator

2020 – present    The Madison Forum

                                Contributing Editor

2017 – present     The John Galt SocietyCitizens’ Defense Fund

                 2017 – present     Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board/ CEO

2016 – present    Gwinnett County Republican Assembly

                2021 – 2022     GCRA is currently the number one chapter in Georgia

                2018 – 2022    Chairman

2016 – present    Georgia Republican Assembly“The Republican Wing of the Republican Party”

                2021 – 2022   Chairman, Membership Vetting Committee

                2018 – 2022   Member, State Executive Board

2016     Vice Presidential Candidate

              “Marc Urbach for President”

               A big achievement of the campaign was that we were approved as Republican Write-in Candidates in 32 states.

2012 – 2015    United Military Care, Inc. 501(c)(3)

                2012 –2015   Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO

2012 – present   Life Renewed International, Inc. & Operation Not Forgotten 501(c)(3)

                2015 – present   Chairman Emeritus

                2012 –2015         National Chairman of the Board

2012 – 2014    United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Regional Commission on Veteran Homelessness

                          Panel Member

2011 -2012     National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy, Fort Stewart Campus

                            Cadet Sponsor &Mentor

2010-present   U.S. Selective Service System

                           Georgia Selective Service Board

                2021 – present    Georgia & District II Appeals Board Member

2009 -2015     The Conservative Leadership Coalition, Inc., Atlanta, GA

                          Founding Member / Board of Directors

2008 -2014    The Institute for the American Family, Washington, D.C.   501(c)(3)

                         Associate Director

2007 -2015    Constitution Committee of Georgia, Lawrenceville, GA

                         Founding Member / Board Advisor

2005 – present   JG Howard Foundation

                               Chairman of the Board / CEO / President

                              “Dedicated to the care of America’s Warrior Families and the organizations that support them”